Bilirubin, direkte (Dbili, konjungert bilirubin)

Engelsk navn:Direct bilirubin (conjugated bilirubin)
Reagensprodusent:Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics
Analyseprinsipp:Vanadate oxidation
The bilirubin is oxidized by vanadate at about pH 3 to produce biliverdin. In the presence of detergent and vanadate, conjugated (direct) bilirubin is oxidized. This oxidation reaction causes a decrease in the optical density of the yellow color, which is specific to bilirubin. The decrease in optical density at 451/545 nm is proportional to the direct bilirubin concentration in the sample. The concentration is measured as an endpoint reaction.(Metoden tatt i bruk: 15/8-07)
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