Osmolalitet (Osmol)

Engelsk navn:Osmolality
Analyseinstrument:Fiske 110 Osmometer
Analyseprinsipp:Freezing point osmometry measures the total solute concentration in a liquid. It is most convenient to describe freezing point as the concentration of particles in solution. Freezing point won’t tell you how big these particles are, or what shape they have, or if they are charged. It will tell you how many you have. At low concentrations, freezing point is linear with the number of dissolved particles
The freezing-point method is used by Fiske Osmometer.(Metoden tatt i bruk: 1996)
Referanse:Micciche K., Utilization of controls, materials and osmometry in a clinical setting offers quality benefits, Clinical Lab Products, May 2003; Volume 32, Number 5: Page 28.