Triglyserider (Tg)

Engelsk navn:Triglycerides
Reagensprodusent:Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics
Analyseprinsipp:Enzymatic/Trinder without serum blank
The triglycerides are converted to glycerol and free fatty acids by lipoprotein lipase. The glycerol is then converted to glycerol-3-phosphate by glycerol kinase in the presence of glycerol-3-phosphate-oxidase to form hydrogen peroxidase. A coloured complex is formed from hydrogen peroxide,
4-aminophenazone and 4-chlorophenol under the catalytic influence of peroxidase. The absorbance of the complex is measured as an endpoint reaction at 505 nm.This procedure quantitates the total triglycerides including the mono and diglycerides and the free glycerol fractions.
(Metoden tatt i bruk: 1/7-01)
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