Tyreoglobulin antistoffer (TgAA)

Engelsk navn:Thyroglobulin Autoantibody
Analyseinstrument:Tecan Sunrise Absorbance Reader
Reagensprodusent:Oxford Laboratories, Inc
Analyseprinsipp:This indirect enzyme immunoassay is for the determination of Tg autoantibodies in canine serum. Purified canine Tg is coated on the wells of a 96-well polystyrene plate. Canine test sera, along with positive and negative canine control sera are added to the plate and allowed to bind. Enzyme labeled anti-immunoglobulin is then added and autoantibodies are allowed to incubate and bind. Enzyme substrate is then added and plate incubated. The higher the concentration of TgAA in the serum sample, the higher amount of substrate bound and the brighter the color. The reaction is terminated by the addition of stop solution.

(Metoden tatt i bruk: Mars 2009)

Referanse:1.Thacker EL, Davis JM, Refsal KR, Bull RW. Isolation of thyroid peroxidase and lack of autoantibodies to the enzyme in dogs with autoimmune thyroid disease. Amer J Vet Res 1995; 56(1): 34-38.
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